Best Diet and Exercise Articles May 21, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome!

So exercise doesn’t help you lose weight? Ha! But it does some other pretty cool stuff! A smart shoe produced in UTAH! and Octodrine! Some cool stuff this week!





6 Ways Exercise Benefits The Body And Brain by Alice G. Walton

Reduces inflammation, risk of heart attack and stroke, slows aging, triggers growth of new brain cells, helps with depression and preventing it, and reduces dementia risk… read more for the details!


Brain Works Against Weight-Loss Through Dieting by The University of Cambridge

A study carried out in mice may help explain why dieting can be an inefficient way to lose weight: key brain cells act as a trigger to prevent us burning calories when food is scarce. The “thermostat” is even more complex than this… Leptin or Leptin resistance is the number one reason people are obese, and can’t keep weight off that they lose… Leptin resistance is driven by Inflammation!

Fitness Tech

Altra’s Torin IQ Takes Smart Technology to Running Shoes by Connor Mollison

The Utah-based footwear maker has put pressure sensors, a battery, and a microchip inside the mid-sole of the shoes. With each step, the sensors measure the pressure your foot exerts. It then tracks this information, reporting the location of the pressure, contact time, and cadence. As as result, you are able to improve the efficiency of each stride, making you less prone to injury and a better overall runner.

Nutritional Supplements

Octodrine (Aka.. DMHA Or 2-Aminoisoheptane) by

Energy, Weight-Loss, Pain relief/anti-inflammatory, concentration, focus, memory, and fights Candida Yeast! Pretty much awesomeness!