Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles May 31, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

Genetics always come up when speaking with clients. People often feel stuck because of their genetics… but this study says otherwise… see what percent these researchers say is genetic versus environmental… A new supplement that makes you not want to eat SUGAR? Cool new exercise programs as well as treating addiction with certain exercises… all in this weeks articles

Nutrition / Diet

Genetics Researchers Say Weight Gain Is Related To Genetics Only Partially by Karthick

People have a common misconception that a child would have the similar appearance to its parent and the same is the case believed for twins. It is true for physical attributes like color, the shape of body parts but, in the case of gaining or losing weight, their perception fails as Genetics contributes only a partial amount to the weight gain or loss of an individual. Keep reading the article to see what percent is diet what percent is genetics as related to this study

Fitness / Exercise

Aerobic Exercising Can Help Treat Addictions To Alcohol And Drugs, A New Study Suggests by Elyse Johnson

A new way to help combat addictions to drug and alcohol is to exercise. A new study showed that certain exercises can impact the brain in ways that will help with treating and curbing addictions.

Nutritional Supplements

New Supplement focuses on the emotional triggers of sugar addiction as well as a secret weapon to help you stop sugar!

This new supplement can completely block the sweet taste in any sugary food for up to 4 hours, reduce sweet cravings by satisfying emotional triggers, give a comfortable boost in energy, and ultimately reinforce good food choices. This can result in a drastically reduced caloric intake and a noticeably slimmer waistline.

Fitness Technology

The Life-Changing Fitness Option You’ve Never Heard Of by Jay Sheridan

This is a very cool program that uses some pretty sweet technology to help you activate more muscle when you are exercising… great for those with injuries… the elderly etc.


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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles April 4, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

The articles this week are pretty neat but the one you should read about is how Stress causes fat… basically how the timing of stress… when is the worst time to have it… that and many more cool things this week!



Pasta Was Linked to Weight Loss in a New Study by Sarah Klein

While your friends are off experimenting with the Whole30 plan or dabbling in the keto diet, here’s a refreshing bit of pro-carb news: Eating pasta has been linked with losing weight in a new study. However it was a very small ammount of pasta they ate (which is hard to do… like half a cup)… so with that said take this study for what it is worth… they didn’t lose much weight either…


Timing of stress-hormone pulses controls weight gain By Stanford School of Medicine

New research provides the first molecular understanding of why people gain weight due to chronic stress, disrupted circadian rhythms and treatment with glucocorticoid drugs: It’s all in the timing of the dips and rises of a class of hormones called glucocorticoids — predominantly the “stress hormone” cortisol, according to a new study by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers.

Nutritional Supplements

Bananas vs. Sports Drinks? Bananas Win in Study by Gretchen Reynolds

A banana might reasonably replace sports drinks for those of us who rely on carbohydrates to fuel exercise and speed recovery, according to a new study comparing the cellular effects of carbohydrates consumed during sports.

It found that a banana, with its all-natural package, provides comparable or greater anti-inflammatory and other benefits for athletes than sports drinks. But there may be a downside, and it involves bloating.

Fitness Technology

Best Health Tech Gadgets And Gizmos For 2018 by Lee Bell

Here are the best health tech gadgets for 2018, in no particular order… some are… well not fitness but I guess health???


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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles March 7, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.


Being mindful and meditating… is something I have been doing more of the last month and it looks like there is some good stuff in science showing for that… I would say it works but it is early for me to conclude one hundred percent… Also BIOHACKING instead of a gym… I guess there are always other ways to get the benefit from exercise besides…exercise 🙂 some of the cool stuff in this weeks articles.



Research finds little difference among diet plans’ long-term effectiveness by The Endocrine Society

Given the number of diets, medications and surgical procedures available to treat obesity, the best approach for each individual depends on genetics, health and how well they can adhere to a particular regimen, the statement’s authors concluded. Still, maintaining long-term weight loss remains challenging, and individuals with obesity should expect to regain weight when they stop treatment.


Mindfulness Is Going Mainstream Because of Science by Tanya Basu

Across the nation, mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly part of daily routines and less associated with alternative culture. Everyone from corporate executives looking to wring out every last ounce of productivity in a day to the mom in the park with her kids is exalting meditation and its supposed mental and physical benefits.

But does it work?

Nutritional Supplements

Ignite: Healthy Slimming  by Juniper

Ignite is a concentrated blend of herbal and science-backed actives designed to address one of the primary causes of weight gain – eating too much and burning too little. Its ability to help accelerate your fat burning rate, reduce appetite, and curb cravings will help give your body the jumpstart it needs to start dropping excess pounds. It also includes clinically proven ingredients that help improve mood, increase focus and boost energy – making it easier to maintain the motivation and positive attitude we need to achieve our goals.

Fitness Technology

Would You Ditch the Gym for a Biohacking Facility? by Sophia Stuart

At Santa Monica’s Bulletproof Labs, you don’t get a trainer. You get a “personal biohacking technician,” who provides body composition analysis, G-force workouts, and an unusual cool-down technique. BioHackingBioHacking 🙂


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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles February 22, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

Music that makes exercise not HURT? Bone Broth… your introduction… How to fight inflammation and last but not least… your BRAIN can help you lose fat… I believe that!!!



What are the benefits of bone broth? We asked an expert to weigh in… by Kitty Lindsay

I am sure you have been hearing about the benefit of bone broth? This is a great introductory article!


How Our Beliefs Can Shape Our Waistlines by Gretchen Reynolds

The secret to a narrower waistline and a longer life span might be found in the corridors of our minds as much as in the cardio rooms of our gyms. A recent epidemiological study suggests that our beliefs about how much we exercise may substantially influence our health and longevity, even if those beliefs are objectively inaccurate — which hints that upending our thinking about exercise might help us whittle away pounds, whether we work out more or not.

Nutritional Supplements

Maintaining a healthy weight helps fight inflammation by Missy Corrigan

Within the past few decades scientists have concluded that many conditions including heart disease, diabetes and long-lasting respiratory problems such as asthma share one common element- chronic inflammation. Many factors contribute to chronic inflammation including genetics and exposures to toxins in the environment. Chronic inflammation can also be driven by lifestyle factors including a diet laden with unhealthy fats and processed foods and a lack of exercise. HERE IS A GREAT way to battle inflammation!

Fitness Technology

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain by Francesca Schiopca

Scientists have developed new technology that makes working out more enjoyable than ever. The new study also found that it makes us more resistant to pain. (THIS IS COOL)

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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles January 21, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

If anything and you don’t have much time, click on the facial exercise link… you can download some exercises that were shown to help one look younger! Everything else is just boring science stuff… don’t look at it unless you are super nerdy!




Gut Immune Cells, not Blood Pressure, Blamed for Salt’s Effect on Brain by Bio Medical Research Forum

Interesting study that stats that it is a Gut Immune response to salt and not Hypertension that causes issues with salt consumption and brain health.


Facial Exercises Can Make You Look Years Younger by Glenn McDonald

Lets forget the little stuff and click HERE for the exercises 🙂

Nutritional Supplements

Can a New Amino Acid Supplement Energy Bar Improve Protein Intake? by Medical News Bulletin

Researchers tested a new amino acid supplement energy bar enriched with L-leucine to investigate if this could improve protein and energy intake in older women.

Fitness Tech

Gyms get ‘smarter’ with tech upgrades By Colleen Schrappen

Hats that count steps and calories burned. Earphones that double as heart-rate monitors. Sports bras that “talk” to your phone.

Just as technology is disrupting retail and other industries, it’s beginning to transform the way Americans work out.


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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles January 10, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

Lots of interesting stuff hitting the mainstream as it relates to nutrition and exercise. I am sure in the next 10 years or so most if not all preventable diseases will be figured out… the question is will people be willing to do what they need to do to see the benefit? Exercise, Eat healthy etc…



Drop in both insulin and leptin needed for fat burning to occur by Benedict Jephcote

Looks again like Leptin is important to control just like Insulin for fat loss… Great article


Body’s ‘postal system’ may be key to fighting serious disease: study by Kate Bettes

A new Australian study has shown muscles and other organs communicate to each other during exercise, paving the way for future research into how exercise may assist in fighting serious diseases. This is pretty cool stuff!

Nutritional Supplements

Multivitamin plus omega-3s may be ‘safe, economical and effective means for lowering diabetes risk’: Study By Stephen Daniells

People at high risk of developing diabetes may benefits from combined supplementation with multivitamins with omega-3s, according to a new study.

Fitness Tech

Would you pay $4,000 for this high-tech treadmill? by Kaya Yurieff

Like the company’s exercise bike, the Peloton Tread has an HD touchscreen for watching classes taught by instructors live from New York City. At 32 inches, the treadmill’s touchscreen is more than twice as big as the bike’s


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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles December 21, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

Whole eggs are better for gaining muscle than egg whites… Why are the big clothing companies dumping the fitness technology? Do BCAA’s contribute to fatness? Also learn the motivation to make you stronger! All in this weeks articles…



Whole eggs better for muscle building and repair than egg whites, researchers find by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The post-workout muscle-building response in those eating whole eggs is 40 percent greater than in those consuming an equivalent amount of protein from egg whites… super interesting read…


Do It Better by Brad Stulberg

“There are two predominant ways to get more out of yourself. You can train to make something feel easier—by getting fitter or improving a skill—or you can increase your motivation. While there’s a wealth of information on the former, there isn’t nearly as much on the latter.” Learn more about how to motivate yourself more in exercise etc!

Nutritional Supplements

Diet low in specific amino acids may be the key to weight loss by Physiology Society

This study says limiting the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) could be key to losing weight. This study was done on mice so be a little skeptical please!

Fitness Technology

Sports apparel brands are all walking away from fitness wearables By Jonah Comstock

So it looks like Under Armour and the other big dogs are abandoning Fitness Wearable and apps… pretty interesting… read the article to find out why.



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Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles December 14, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

So… sleeping is better than dieting… I can live with that…What are the WORLDWIDE exercise/fitness trends for 2018? What are those 3 supplements that are supposed to help with memory again… I don’t seem to remember. And Apple Watch personal trainer? Just a few of the things discussed this weeks articles.


Sleep is just as important for weight loss as dieting, study says By Andrea Downey, The Sun

74 percent of people who get a good night’s sleep said they found weight loss easier… and 82 percent said they found it easier to stick to a healthy eating regime. read the article for all the details


Here’s how to be fit AND hip in 2018 by TIMESLIVE

A worldwide survey states the top two fitness trends for 2018 are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and group training…. read the whole article to see what all the trends are.

Nutritional Supplements

Best supplements for the brain: Take these 3 nutrients to PREVENT memory loss By LAUREN CLARK

BEST SUPPLEMENTS for the brain include not just omega-3, but magnesium and zinc too. Here’s why they could help memory and prevent dementia

Fitness Technology

The Apple Watch Wants to Become the Ultimate Fitness Tracker By 

The Apple Watch has a new trick: connecting to workout machines at the gym…. will this make personal training obsolete?



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Best Diet and Exercise Articles December 7, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

It amazes me how the gut bacteria and in the case of one of these articles your mouth bacteria can determine your body composition… However exercise alone can help… so if all else fails… get your exercise in! 

Nutrition / Diet

Mouth bacteria linked to obesity By: Vickie Isabella Westen

Amount of oral lactic acid bacteria could influence your propensity to gain weight… this is interesting for me because of how much your gut is involved… your mouth is the first part of digestion…HMMM


Exercise alone alters our gut microbiota By 

It is well established — and perhaps unsurprising — that what we eat affects the microbes that live in our intestine, collectively known as the gut microbiota. According to two new studies, however, exercise has the same effect.

Nutritional Supplements

Increased Protein Requirements in Female Athletes after Variable-Intensity Exercise

Women need more protein than men post workout! This is awesome… 

Fitness Tech

Best Wearable Tech, Smartwatches, Activity Trackers And Fitness Gadgets by Lee Bell 

As technology becomes smaller, smarter and integrated into everything, wearing it has become a social standard. Whether it’s smartwatches, fitness trackers or even apparel, the tech you can wear to keep tabs on your fitness levels is more popular than ever. But with so many fitness gadgets on the market, it’s hard to separate the good from the not-so-good. This article helps you do that.


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Best Heath & Fitness Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017

Guys these are what I think are the best health and fitness gifts for Christmas this year! From food prep to exercise to self care…most of these I have used and love, the others I will hopefully get. Please enjoy 🙂


I HATE the darkness of winter Depression or feelings of gloom in the winter time is often referred to as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) I am sure I suffer from this… however…I love this light. It helps my mood a ton! I swear it works… At first I thought these lights were for your skin for vitamin d or something… however it is actually for your eyes… It is crazy you should check it out and it makes an awesome gift!



These are awesome for your feet! They are perfect to put on after a long day in shoes. There are many benefits to using these.  For those of you that only have 2 feet, this package comes with two different sizes so you can have one and your significant other can have one.


If you like to use your phone for music while you workout and you don’t have pockets, this is a must! My wife loves hers… I however like cracks in my screen from my phone falling out of my pocket… maybe I should get one?


This is perfect for those that want to jump rope but have low ceilings at home, or just can’t jump rope like me!


This is perfect for those who can’t remember their combinations for their locker… It is so much easier to remember a word… just don’t do swear words… I learned that the hard way!


I recommend foam rolling or Self Myofascial Release to most if not to all of my clients… Trigger points are super interesting and foam rolling is a great way to reduce pain and increase flexibility and function. This roller is pretty knobby and allows you to really “dig in” to those muscle knots…


I have 4 of these at my house… They are incredible to help with those muscle knots in your back and neck that cause you super misery! The process of this is very similar to the foam roller… it is releasing trigger points.  Sometimes if I workout too hard and I throw my neck out, I can put this on a trigger point and actually feel the muscle twitching and relaxing! This is a great gift for those who have chronic muscle knots or pain in their back or neck.


If you haven’t jumped on the pressure cooker bandwagon… buy this for your significant other and make sure YOU use it! This is a must for quick food prep… you can cook food super fast… boil easy peel eggs and use it as a rice cooker!


Last year we jumped on the Blendtec bandwagon and haven’t looked back… My fav thing to use this for is to make low carb ice cream! If you want a good blender… this is it… it can blend pretty much anything!


Bosu burpees are awesome! So are the hundred other exercises you can do… and if you don’t like using this… my kid loves jumping on it like a trampoline… maybe yours would to.


These are not your ordinary exercise bands… these are anti-snap and they are super easy to use to increase your resistance and connect to a door (connector is included) you can do hundreds of exercises with these and they fold up into a small sack you could travel with… This is a great gift for those who workout at home, travel, or are interested in starting some resistance type exercises.


Have you ever done an exercise for a certain muscle group but instead of working that muscle your forearms are what tires out? These solve that!


This is the perfect make your meals and keep them cold for the day bag… perfect for meal prepping 3 meals! This is a must for the person that preps their food each day or works great for people taking left overs the next day


This is the perfect gift for those sweaters out there… not the sweaters you wear, but the ones that leave their mark on the exercise equipment when they leave (If you know what I mean)


I love my Hydro Flask in fact mine is a 64 ounce version so I only have to drink 2 of those a day to get all my water in… It is crazy how long it keeps your water and ice cold… I have had it in the hot sun in the car and it keeps ice for 2 days… Make sure you get one with the straw… it’s the best


These are the best dumbbells for your home workouts… they can expand up to more weight than normal people can lift and take up hardly any space and are super durable!


Your workout going to be a beast this week to burn off all that holiday fat? This is the perfect gift for those that get sore or “soreda” sore…


I am pretty sure this isn’t made from ground up tigers or tiger blood… however it is great for sore muscles and as a stocking stuffer.


Okay, runners and ladies that are in high heels all day… this stretcher is perfect for your calves…


The best gift ever! For those that need some more months or those interested in trying out a personal approach to body transformation this is how you do it! If you are interested in Gift Certificates email me at




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