Ladies has your guy gotten a little how do I say... "CHUBBY?"

Don't worry... It happens to most of us guys at one time or another!

As men we don't want to be fat and out of shape. We want to be ripped again and look good for you. It was so much easier when we were younger, but now we are tired and we don't feel the same when we go to the gym. We don't have time either.... Work, activities with kids, friends... who has time to workout 3 hours a day? Often we feel like we are winning if we can just make it through the day.  Maybe being fat and out of shape is just a part of us now?

I know how you feel from FIRST HAND experience!

The first thing I want to say is "there is no one to blame but yourself if you are out of shape."

My first transformation was when I was 25. Life was easy with hardly any responsibilities. My goals were simple... build muscle and look good with my shirt off. My second transformation came when I was 42. My goals were still simple... build muscle and look good with my shirt off... but this time not just for me, but for my wife!

It is not the transformations I want to talk about but the 17 years between them.

During this time I struggled with many things. I struggled with balance in my life.  I struggled being an awesome husband, a good father to my kids, and providing for my family financially. I  would sabotage my thoughts by telling myself "it would be selfish to focus on yourself now, just go with the flow and when the kids are older then you can focus on your fitness." I slowly slipped into eating fast food too(because when you come home from a long day at work and you meet your wife at the door and she is stressed out from the kiddos... it makes it much more easy to just get some fast food!) Anyway I am sure most of you have or currently feel the same way I did.  Probably the biggest thing I hated during that time was how tired I was.  Even if I could go to the gym, it would be a weak sauce workout cause I was spent!

After years of feeling like it was my purpose in life to be tired and have a dad bod I decided to do something about it, so I started exercising and eating better. I took a before picture, a mid picture and well... I got fat again. You see I knew what I needed to do to change my body composition but I didn't have anyone to be accountable to, so I failed. In fact I failed quite a few times and have multiple before photos of me without after ones. But I finally succeeded...How did I do it?

I realized I needed to follow every component of body transformation to a "T"


5 Components of Body Transformation

I struggled with the personal / professional assistance component. It was difficult to be accountable to myself, so I figured out other ways to do it... and it worked!

Most of you probably do not know much about the 5 components or how they work, but I can honestly say if you want to get elite results... phenomenal before and after results... you have to follow PERSONALIZED versions of them.  If you follow only a few you will fail (I was following most but number 5 and I failed).

The good news I can provide all of these things for you... in a program personalized just for you!
  • I will create a personalized nutrition plan for you. I will educate you on what foods to eat and create a meal plan for you that will change weekly
  • I will create the perfect cardio program for you based on your likes, goals, and availability
  • I will recommend the best nutritional supplements science has currently and provide studies to back them up
  • I will create a resistance/weight training workout for you based on your available equipment at home or the gym
  • I will follow up with you weekly and create new nutrition and workout plans for you to follow weekly.

The most important thing is I know how you feel. I know what road blocks etc will happen and I know how to help you overcome them once and for all!


Let's jump on a quick call/chat.  We can do this over the phone or online using GOOGLE Hangouts. During this chat we can discuss your goals on a personal level and I can create a "rough draft" for you to see what your program will look like. ENTER YOUR INFO BELOW or you can email me personally with any questions

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" I lost 53lbs and 20% bodyfat!"

Jack D


" I lost 17 lbs and 6% bodyfat!"