These are some of my favorite nutrition/fitness products




Spirulina is an amazing superfood! So many nutrients it is called "Nature's Multivitamin"

Anti-Aging Fat-Loss

I have worked with on these for years with the best industry experts. My goal was to create the first "anti-aging" fat loss program... I think it worked!!!

Whey Protein Shake

This whey isolate tastes great and that is super important. It is also a very good protein that doesn't cause stomach issues.

Birthday Cake Protein Bars

I like a lot of bars... for some weird reason this is my favorite one currently... I know sounds good right? Who doesn't like birthday cake?

Fitness Equipment


These are great for people that workout at home and travel. They are not your grandma's resistance bands for sure!

PowerBlock Dumbbells

These Dumbbells are pretty sweet! The biggest difference I have seen with these vs other select"able" dumbbells is that these are more durable and can expand to weights up to 140 in each hand!


Oh... how I love my Theracane.  This absolutely kills those nasty muscle knots I get in my neck, back, and shoulders and it is way cheaper than a massage!

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit

If you workout at home you should have a TRX. By far one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that takes up no space! Besides that it will give you a killer workout!

Food Prep

Pressure Cooker

My parents gave us one of these for Christmas and I love it! I can make shredded chicken in it that rivals Cafe Rio in 15 minutes which means this bad boy gets used a lot when the wifey is teaching Pilates and I am feeding my face!


I like these so much I have 2 of them... It pulverizes nuts, seeds and of course Kale... like it is warm butter! I make a lot of my protein shakes in this bad boy!

Flavor God Seasonings

This seasoning is money! It is a very clean seasoning, but the biggest thing it has going for it is that it tastes amazing and has brothers... try them too.