Current Projects

Creating/Building the BodyLab Diet and Fitness Website and Mobile App.

When a user creates an account on the mobile app it will provide them with a personalized “super tracker” diet plan. So a user will add foods to a calorie/macronutrient goal with the app recommending meal ideas/and fast food ideas to help the user keep on track. User will also have a personalized fitness plan that will keep track of how many calories they burn as well as provide exercise descriptions with personal records. See some of what the app can do with these screenshots.

BodyLab Mobile App







BodyLab Website App

The Website allows user to create profile and the software recommends a personalized nutrition and exercise plan for the user to follow just like the app. The website is mobile device friendly


 Guilt Free Meal Locator

You can enter the Macro nutrients and calories you want and the locator will find restaurants close by you that have foods that match your criteria. The GFML is also built into the bodylab app/website as well as I am the inventor of the Guilt Free Meal Locator and it is Patent Pending