Mike Butler grew up in Payson, Utah (where the original Footloose was filmed), and graduated from the home of the Utes (University of Utah) with a degree in exercise science. He spent his college years working (slaving away) as a sales associate at GNC and a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness (he met his wife there). He began learning more about the fitness industry and studied at an online yoga school to become a professional yoga teacher. He also trained in the gym four times a week to keep his fitness levels high.

After graduating from college (2001) he and some coworkers from 24 hour fitness started a business called Total Health & Fitness (Specific Health & Fitness was taken) which grew into a multi-million dollar business. Sadly (not really) the company was dissolved in 2011. While he was at Total Health & Fitness he started a supplement company called TopForm Supplements (his license plates read TOPFORM).

In 2007 his business won the “Best of State Utah” award for the health and nutrition category (he can’t remember who he paid). He also was listed as one of the “40 under 40” in January 2008 Utah Business Magazine (he wishes he was still under 40).

In 2011 Mike teamed up with his friends at Basic Research to create an idea no one had ever thought of (a nutrition exercise website). After realizing that there were a million of these sites already, he decided to make the best one ever ( the app is even better. Mike also invented the patented Guilt Free Meal Locator (which would be even cooler if the meals actually didn’t cost money). He is currently building his personal nutrition and exercise clientele.

Mike has always wanted to help people and has done this through was he loves — fitness. In fact, he even started looking into ebook publishing and has published two books, including the popular Correcting Posture book that has helped a lot of people fight back against their poor posture and bad back pain.

Mike has a passion for fitness (if he isn’t hiking and blowing bubbles… see for yourself HERE). He also has many fitness certifications the most recent being the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist). But the certification he is most thankful for is the DAD certification (he took the diaper change section of the test 3 times before he passed).

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