Best Diet and Exercise Articles April 3, 2016

heart-665187_1280Each Sunday I will publish a list of the top health articles I find around the web. I will include the latest research in Exercise, Diet, Food Supplements, and Fitness Tech.





Fitness Fanatics are Formed in the Womb by Kate Pickles

Mom??? Did you exercise while I was in the Womb?


Hunger Hormone Could be Key to Weight-Loss; Procedure Aims to Block it. By Andrea K. McDaniels

How many of you would go to this extreme to lose weight? Do you know anyone that would do this?


How Creatine Helps You Build Muscle and Strength by Rudy Mawer Bsc, CISSN

Check another off why everyone should take Creatine.


This Fitness Company is Taking Wearable Tech to a Fierce New Level by Neil C Hughes

I have yet to try Orange Theory Fitness... has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts?


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