Best Heath & Fitness Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Guys these are what I think are the best health and fitness gifts for Christmas this year! From food prep to exercise to self care…most of these I have used and love, the others I will hopefully get. Please enjoy 🙂



These are awesome for your feet! They are perfect to put on after a long day in shoes. There are many benefits to using these.  For those of you that only have 2 feet 🙂 this package comes with two different sizes so you can have one and your significant other can have one.

Kettle Gryp

This turns any dumbbell into a Kettle Bell… perfect for this Kettlebell Hip Thrusters I have you do

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

Raise your hand if you like warm protein shakes! This is for those of you who totally despise warm protein shakes… this is like a hydroflask for your protein shakes keeps them cold for hours!

DYNAPRO Fabric Mini Bands

These Fabric Resistance Bands will change the way you work out, feel the freedom of motion without worrying about uncomfortable bands rolling or pulling on your skin.

The Original Worm-Massage Balls & Foam Roller in one. Travel Roller

k… don’t laugh at the name title… HA.. but this provides trigger point release to combat stiffness in muscles and joints and you get the benefit of a foam roller and massage balls… hey… stop laughing


I have 4 of these at my house… They are incredible to help with those muscle knots in your back and neck that cause you super misery! The process of this is very similar to the foam roller… it is releasing trigger points.  Sometimes if I workout too hard and I throw my neck out, I can put this on a trigger point and actually feel the muscle twitching and relaxing! This is a great gift for those who have chronic muscle knots or pain in their back or neck.


SUGAR ahh… everyone craves it right? And at the worst time when you are trying to be good… This stuff is amazing… see reaction videos HERE of people trying for the first time



Bosu burpees are awesome! So are the hundred other exercises you can do… and if you don’t like using this… my kid loves jumping on it like a trampoline… maybe yours would to.


These are not your ordinary exercise bands… these are anti-snap and they are super easy to use to increase your resistance and connect to a door (connector is included) you can do hundreds of exercises with these and they fold up into a small sack you could travel with… This is a great gift for those who workout at home, travel, or are interested in starting some resistance type exercises.


Have you ever done an exercise for a certain muscle group but instead of working that muscle your forearms are what tires out? These solve that!


This is the perfect make your meals and keep them cold for the day bag… perfect for meal prepping 3 meals! This is a must for the person that preps their food each day or works great for people taking left overs the next day


This is the perfect gift for those sweaters out there… not the sweaters you wear, but the ones that leave their mark on the exercise equipment when they leave (If you know what I mean)


I love my Hydro Flask in fact mine is a 64 ounce version so I only have to drink 2 of those a day to get all my water in… It is crazy how long it keeps your water and ice cold… I have had it in the hot sun in the car and it keeps ice for 2 days… Make sure you get one with the straw… it’s the best


These are the best dumbbells for your home workouts… they can expand up to more weight than normal people can lift and take up hardly any space and are super durable!



The best gift ever! For those that need some more months or those interested in trying out a personal approach to body transformation this is how you do it! If you are interested in Gift Cards working with me on your nutrition and exercise click HERE