Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles May 31, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

Genetics always come up when speaking with clients. People often feel stuck because of their genetics… but this study says otherwise… see what percent these researchers say is genetic versus environmental… A new supplement that makes you not want to eat SUGAR? Cool new exercise programs as well as treating addiction with certain exercises… all in this weeks articles

Nutrition / Diet

Genetics Researchers Say Weight Gain Is Related To Genetics Only Partially by Karthick

People have a common misconception that a child would have the similar appearance to its parent and the same is the case believed for twins. It is true for physical attributes like color, the shape of body parts but, in the case of gaining or losing weight, their perception fails as Genetics contributes only a partial amount to the weight gain or loss of an individual. Keep reading the article to see what percent is diet what percent is genetics as related to this study

Fitness / Exercise

Aerobic Exercising Can Help Treat Addictions To Alcohol And Drugs, A New Study Suggests by Elyse Johnson

A new way to help combat addictions to drug and alcohol is to exercise. A new study showed that certain exercises can impact the brain in ways that will help with treating and curbing addictions.

Nutritional Supplements

New Supplement focuses on the emotional triggers of sugar addiction as well as a secret weapon to help you stop sugar!

This new supplement can completely block the sweet taste in any sugary food for up to 4 hours, reduce sweet cravings by satisfying emotional triggers, give a comfortable boost in energy, and ultimately reinforce good food choices. This can result in a drastically reduced caloric intake and a noticeably slimmer waistline.

Fitness Technology

The Life-Changing Fitness Option You’ve Never Heard Of by Jay Sheridan

This is a very cool program that uses some pretty sweet technology to help you activate more muscle when you are exercising… great for those with injuries… the elderly etc.