Best Diet and Exercise Articles August 29, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome!

So exercise is good to start anytime, even in middle age (didn’t we already know that) there are more details why in the exercise article. Low carb wins vs low fat! And there is a cool new molecule that reverses aging (and wrinkly skin). Some pretty cool stuff this week.


The Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb Diet Debate Has a New Answer by Alice Park

This looks awfully good for following a Low Carb diet!!!


Getting fit in middle-age is just good as exercising throughout your youth: Being active in your 50s lowers your stroke risk as much as doing so in earlier life by Ben Spencer

Getting fit in middle age halves the risk of suffering a stroke later in life, researchers have found.
Scientists said it is never too late to take up exercise – and turning your life around even after years of inactivity can quickly play dividends.


Researchers Have Found a Molecule That Can Fight the Effects of Aging by Brad Jones

Researchers have found that the indole molecule serves to give mice, worms, and fruit flies the healthy traits of a younger specimen, even as they reach old age.

Fitness Tech

Have you seen the new FitBit Headphones???

hmmm I was hoping they would shock you if you weren’t working out hard enough…