Best Diet and Exercise Articles April 2, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome!

Why do some people respond to exercise while others don’t? What is the next thing in fitness technology? Will we actually use it? How do our romantic partners help or hinder our fitness? These are some of the questions answered in this week’s articles.




Why do some people fail to respond to exercise?  by

Regular physical activity is considered key for the prevention of obesity and associated health conditions, but some people reap greater rewards from exercise than others. A new study may have shed light on why this is.


How romantic relationships can help or hinder weight loss by 

New qualitative research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships suggests that romantic partners are in a unique position to help with weight loss goals.

Fitness Tech

Will Technology Replace Good, Old-Fashioned Exercise? by Cathy Cassata

No doubt, all things smart are on the rise. Experts weigh in on what this means for fitness.

Nutritional Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids – This fat is where it’s at by Jane Riley

One of the most healthy and important nutrients in your diet are Omega 3 Fatty Acids