Best Diet and Exercise Articles August 3, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome!

Do artificial sweeteners really make you fat or is it just something to get you talking? What happens to your body after just one workout? What is Tom Brady’s diet and supplement program? And quite possibly the coolest thing is some fitness tech that will create the songs to match your running cadence etc..


New research claims low carbs and artificial sweeteners a recipe for weight gain by John Elder

What the heck… they write this article about how artificial sweeteners and low carbs cause weight gain but at the end of the article they say… 

“It’s really important to note this most recent study was related to fruit flies, under experimental conditions.

“As such, the relevance of these results to real people consuming real foods and beverages in everyday real life, is very limited, at best. The authors themselves note the significant limitations of their findings.”

The statement continued: “Numerous meta-analysises have concluded that replacing sugar with non-nutritive or low-energy sweeteners results in less energy consumed and weight loss.

“Further, expert reviews conclude that the evidence for an effect on increasing appetite or ‘sweet tooth’ is absent or inconclusive.”

THIS is why people are confused when a horrible study is pushed to the masses as truth! UGG>>>


10 Positive Things That Happen to Your Body After Just One Workout by 

“Depending on the type of workout you’re doing, there can be lots of beneficial changes, including improved cardiovascular efficiency, increased bone density, higher metabolic efficiency, increased lean muscle mass and of course decreased body fat.” And most people would be surprised to know how much of that good stuff can start in just one exercise session”

Fitness Technology

Google Maps Creator Introduces New Music Technology & Fitness App Weav, Deals With Sony, WMG by

Adaptive Music delivers a dynamic experience that would not be possible with traditional static music. For running, the music matches the runner’s step cadence, so that each step always lands exactly on a beat. WEAV’s technology continuously re-arranges the music in real-time to sound perfect at any tempo. Runners will soon be able to set goals and let the music drive them towards success or design an interval running session and ask the music to help them execute it, or even have the music keep their heart rate within the optimum range for the runner’s fitness and health level.

Nutritional Supplements

Rob Gronkowski is all in on Tom Brady’s diet plan — with one big exception By Cindy Boren

“When you think about nutritional supplements, you think about other types of training methods and training techniques. I think that’s a great thing,” he said in a WEEI interview almost two years ago. “I think when you talk about a green supplement — it’s vegetables. It’s eating better. So much of my diet is based on an acid-alkaline principle, which to me does reduce inflammation in my body. When you run around and take hits all day for a living, that’s a really positive thing for me. I would love to encourage all my teammates to eat the best way they possibly can, to have high school athletes [do the same]