Best Diet and Exercise Articles January 8, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome!



Music Motivation Found Most Effective In Increasing The Drive To Exercise By Duna Bil

New studies find that majority of fitness enthusiasts find music motivation the most important when they are working out. A research by SOCAN and Leger, the Research Intelligence Group, finds that music plays a big difference in staying committed and motivated in achieving fitness.


Change eating schedule to lose your weight by IANS | New York

Although this article shows that people could benefit from only eating during certain times (earlier) in the day, it doesn’t mention anything about exercise and eating around exercise.

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin C–enriched gelatin supplementation before intermittent activity augments collagen synthesis by American Society for Nutrition

data suggest that adding gelatin to an intermittent exercise program improves collagen synthesis and could play a beneficial role in injury prevention and tissue repair.

Fitness Tech

Boltt claims to be the fitness tracker to defeat them all By

That feedback element is the most exciting thing here, as Boltt is claiming that its system is capable of monitoring your form during a run, and give you updates on how to improve your posture and effort. In short, it would be the virtual personal trainer most fitness enthusiasts, tired of paying huge amounts to a coach, have been waiting for.