Best Diet and Exercise Articles July 24, 2016

cutmypic (2)Each Sunday I will publish a list of the top health articles I find around the web. I will include the latest research in Exercise, Diet, Food Supplements, and Fitness Tech.

Will DNA testing help you get a more efficient workout? Does eating healthy foods cause you to overeat? Would you benefit from taking the amino acid Taurine? These are just some of the topics covered in this weeks articles.


DNA testing places new emphasis on the personal of training by SAXON CHENG

Will these new tests give you the info to make the most of your workout? I think we will see more exercise programming based off your genetics soon, but will that help people make the choice to actually start working out??? I don't think so.


How consumption of healthy foods could lead to overeating? by  KEERTHANA

This article quotes studies showing that people tend to eat more food when they consider the food healthy which in turn means they don't lose weight. Very interesting to say the least. I would rather people over eat on healthy stuff than bad stuff. Also people need to exercise too. I wonder if the studies participants exercised or not... so take it for what it is worth.

Fitness Tech

Virtual reality-like fitness bike hitting it big by Josh Linkner

Where are my Peloton Bike owners at? I know someone I know has one... just can't remember who it is.

Nutritional Supplements

What Is Taurine? Benefits, Side Effects and More by 

Who want's to start taking Taurine now?