Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles March 7, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.


Being mindful and meditating… is something I have been doing more of the last month and it looks like there is some good stuff in science showing for that… I would say it works but it is early for me to conclude one hundred percent… Also BIOHACKING instead of a gym… I guess there are always other ways to get the benefit from exercise besides…exercise 🙂 some of the cool stuff in this weeks articles.



Research finds little difference among diet plans’ long-term effectiveness by The Endocrine Society

Given the number of diets, medications and surgical procedures available to treat obesity, the best approach for each individual depends on genetics, health and how well they can adhere to a particular regimen, the statement’s authors concluded. Still, maintaining long-term weight loss remains challenging, and individuals with obesity should expect to regain weight when they stop treatment.


Mindfulness Is Going Mainstream Because of Science by Tanya Basu

Across the nation, mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly part of daily routines and less associated with alternative culture. Everyone from corporate executives looking to wring out every last ounce of productivity in a day to the mom in the park with her kids is exalting meditation and its supposed mental and physical benefits.

But does it work?

Nutritional Supplements

Ignite: Healthy Slimming  by Juniper

Ignite is a concentrated blend of herbal and science-backed actives designed to address one of the primary causes of weight gain – eating too much and burning too little. Its ability to help accelerate your fat burning rate, reduce appetite, and curb cravings will help give your body the jumpstart it needs to start dropping excess pounds. It also includes clinically proven ingredients that help improve mood, increase focus and boost energy – making it easier to maintain the motivation and positive attitude we need to achieve our goals.

Fitness Technology

Would You Ditch the Gym for a Biohacking Facility? by Sophia Stuart

At Santa Monica’s Bulletproof Labs, you don’t get a trainer. You get a “personal biohacking technician,” who provides body composition analysis, G-force workouts, and an unusual cool-down technique. BioHackingBioHacking 🙂