Low Carb German Pancakes

I absolutely love German Pancakes. It took me awhile to figure out how to make them taste good while being low carb… but I think I found out how… these are pretty dang tasty!


Here is the recipe!


1 Cup Whole Milk (I use FairLife it has half the carbs/sugar)

6 Eggs

1 Stick Butter

1 Cup Almond Meal/Flour

almond meal



Preheat Oven to 425 degrees

Melt the stick of butter in a 9 by 13 glass casserole dish

Using a hand blender, blend the eggs and milk then slowly blend in the almond meal...

You can add a dash of salt if you like too!

Once the butter is melted in the dish, add the mixture and bake for 22-25 Minutes

It should look like this

Slice into 6 equal parts... top with

Log Cabin Sugar Free Syrup...

log cabin


EST Macros per serving (based on 6 slices)

Calories 329 Protein 12 g Carbs 3 g Fat 30 g

If you want it to look like this

Make some sugar free whipped cream...

To do that I add some Heavy Whipping Cream into a glass dish and use a hand mixer to whip it... once it is starting to thicken up I add some vanilla extract and some Splenda or sugar substitute and whip until there are stiff peaks in the cream...

It is super yummy to pour the sugar free syrup on top of the whipped cream and a few berries!