Best Diet and Exercise Articles February 5, 2017 [SUPERBOWL Edition]

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome! This week is all about the SuperBowl… technology.,.. training and diet of today’s greatest athletes.





How far are athletes willing to go to gain an edge on the gridiron? by TOM TAYLOR

This article is crazy all the cool tech/etc athletes and soon fans have access to and use to become elite!


Can Tom Brady’s Unique Diet Win Him Yet Another Super Bowl? by Devon Kelley

Brady credits a highly restrictive diet for his longevity and success, which involves eliminating entire food groups, consuming strictly organic foods, and adhering to the alkaline diet, which he says “maintains balance and harmony through [his] metabolic system” and requires him to eat 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic foods.

Fitness Tech

VR’s impact on Football and the Superbowl By Steven Runnels

Augmented Reality, however, while not as interesting to some, has much more potential for use in active exercise. Because AR technology uses visual input from the user’s actual surroundings, it is much easier and safer for users to be active while wearing an AR device without worrying about running into things. Furthermore, many AR applications are currently used on mobile devices with a head-mount, meaning that they don’t need to be plugged in, which also allows for greater freedom of movement free from chords to trip over or come unplugged from a bulky console

Food Supplements

Does GNC Super Bowl Ad Rejection Show NFL Supplement Bias? by  Steve Myers

Currently there is a lot of bias in the nutritional supplement industry. I have personally seen it with launching my own line. I think that people are gun shy because of all the un-regulation where people would produce products that were not super awesome and would market and promise the crap out of them… However supplements do work and those that are taking them are secretly seeing better results!!!