Best Diet and Exercise Articles July 3, 2016

cutmypic (2)Each Sunday I will publish a list of the top health articles I find around the web. I will include the latest research in Exercise, Diet, Food Supplements, and Fitness Tech.

Some research shows that exercise won’t help you lose much weight? Do you believe that? Also some fat cells actually burn calories/fat. What do you think about fitness technology? There is a very large corporation that is killing the fitness tech portion of their company…



The science is in: exercise won’t help you lose much weight by BEC CREW

"We need to rebrand exercise. Exercise isn't a weight-loss tool per se; it's excellent for health, it's probably the best single thing that you can do other than stopping smoking to improve your health, but don't look at it as a weight-loss tool." ~Kevin Hall


Researchers identify calorie-burning pathway in fat cells by NEWS

Did you know that some fat cells can actually burn calories?

Fitness Tech

Microsoft Corporation Pulling The Plug On Xbox Fitness by Enterprise Leader

Some big companies starting to pull their fitness tech... is fitness tech starting to die?

Nutritional Supplements

What Is Choline? An Essential Nutrient With Many Benefits by Mary Jane Brown, PhD, RD

What doesn't Choline do? This is a great nutrient for overall health and should be looked at as an addition to a healthy diet.