Best Diet and Exercise Articles October 3, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome

What? New research on the best time to eat bread? Sign me up! A list of exercises that burn the most calories… but BE CAREFUL… Want to lose belly fat? See what supplement can help… What is up in the fitness industry? Why are there huge declines in popular fitness programs? Find out my friends all these things in today’s articles.


You Should Be Eating Bread at the END of Your Meal—Here’s Why by 

This is a very interesting article/study that eating bread after a meal is better because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar the same as if you eat it before… check it out it is pretty cool.


Want to lose weight? Scientists create a guide to the top 40 exercises in order of calories burned by Alexandra Thompson

See the list the smart scientists made… however this doesn’t transcend to weight loss…our bodies are smarter than that… if one burns too many calories our body is able to slow down calorie burn at rest to compensate… Weight training is always going to be the best for body transformation because the more muscle one has the higher their metabolism and fat burn.


Extremely Stubborn Belly Fat? 9 Simple Steps 

The biggest complaint of both my clients as well my peers in fitness is that little stubborn lump of fat just above the waistline. I think we’re all too familiar with that little roll of fat that settles just above the pant line and prevents you from wearing those pants or two piece swimsuit you love. Everyone has belly fat, but I’m talking about that roll that you just can’t get to go away…

Fitness Tech


Are fitness and competitive endurance races declining? Are people getting tired of tiring fitness trends? Have triathlons and marathons run their course, losing their appeal to the masses?

After 20 years of extreme growth, it seems most categories of physical fitness, running and competitive multi-sport events are seeing noticeable declines in participation. Something appears to be changing in the way people are approaching exercise and fitness trends. Read the article to see if it is what you think!