Best Diet and Exercise Articles September 25, 2016

cutmypic (2)Each Sunday I will publish a list of the top health articles I find around the web. I will include the latest research in Exercise, Diet, Food Supplements, and Fitness Tech.

Mini trampolines are making a comeback and they don’t just burn calories for your health! Do nutrition plans that use your genetics work better?

Do fitness trackers make you lose more weight? These are some of the things covered in this week articles.





Hate running? Try this cardio workout to burn calories quickly By

Mini Tramps are all the rage again!  They burn calories but also provide rebound training which is great for your lymph system and swelling.


Nutrigenomics: Can custom diets based on personal genetics help you lose weight? by 

I am all for more ways to have feedback etc as it relates to personalized nutrition and exercise programs. I wonder if genetic testing helps... what if someone is genetically predisposed to make bad choices on their diet?

Nutritional Supplements

You Asked: Should I Take Nutrition Supplements? by Markham Heid

Even though this article recommends not taking supplements unless your doctor recommends, I believe there are a ton of great supplements and resources to decide if supplements are good to take or not... a site I really like is

Fitness Tech

Fitness Trackers Are Not Entirely Beneficial For Weight Loss, Research Shows by Shaynnic

A glance at the study data suggests that there was actually little difference in how much the two groups ate or exercised, but the results were different. "When it comes to the trackers, it's possible that people who use these devices get a false sense of security,"