Best Diet and Exercise Articles May 22, 2016

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Each Sunday I will publish a list of the top health articles I find around the web. I will include the latest research in Exercise, Diet, Food Supplements, and Fitness Tech.

Some weeks the articles are difficult to come by, some weeks it is easy... this week was easy.  First there is a great study on rest periods during weight training to build muscle.  Second is an article about what the government determines are "healthy" foods and if they are really healthy or not. Also there is some good research on a supplement called MCT Oil (ever heard of it?) And don't forget there is a new app that can count the calories of your food just by taking a picture of it!



Go for growth: new research on building muscle mounds by Matthew Muscat Inglott

This article talks about a study where the researchers found differing benefits in rest periods for building muscle. Compound exercises should only rest 60 seconds in between whereas single joint exercises should rest 2-3 minutes...great read


What Should Be Considered 'Healthy' in Foods? by Shawn Radcliffe

Well... the government is either being way too behind the times nutritionally or is being funded by some un-healthy food companies... you decide!

Fitness Tech

HungryBot App Recognizes Your Food From Photographs, Helps Researchers Study Disease by EIN Presswire

Has anyone tried these apps? I tried one in development a few years ago and it didn't work too good... But that was two years ago... with what technology can do I bet this would be pretty cool since I take so many pictures of my food currently (according to my wife!)


MCT Oil 101 – A Review of Medium-Chain Triglycerides by 

Medium Chain Triglycerides have been around for years. I remember selling them to customers when I worked at GNC almost 20 years ago. This article simplifies what they are, what their sources are, and how they can help you.