Low Carb Spaghetti Idea

My wife made this the other day (wish I could take credit but I can't) It is really easy and is actually quite tasty!

First off the biggest worry about spaghetti for low carb (besides the pasta of course) is the sauce. Most sauce is loaded with sugar... we found this RECIPE for keto/low carb marinara. It is our favorite... we use it all the time!

Now the simple replacement for the noodles....Broccoli Slaw!


To prepare the noodles, take a tablespoon or two of your favorite cooking oil. We used avocado oil, and saute the broccoli slaw until it becomes tender... salt and pepper to taste and you are done!


Then prepare your sauce using the keto recipe above. Of course you should add protein, so we browned some ground turkey and then added it to the sauce and let it simmer a few minutes...


After the sauce is done, we topped the broccoli slaw noodles with the meat sauce and I added some Mozzarella cheese... and mixed it together.


Super easy and yum!