Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles December 14, 2017

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

So… sleeping is better than dieting… I can live with that…What are the WORLDWIDE exercise/fitness trends for 2018? What are those 3 supplements that are supposed to help with memory again… I don’t seem to remember. And Apple Watch personal trainer? Just a few of the things discussed this weeks articles.


Sleep is just as important for weight loss as dieting, study says By Andrea Downey, The Sun

74 percent of people who get a good night’s sleep said they found weight loss easier… and 82 percent said they found it easier to stick to a healthy eating regime. read the article for all the details


Here’s how to be fit AND hip in 2018 by TIMESLIVE

A worldwide survey states the top two fitness trends for 2018 are high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and group training…. read the whole article to see what all the trends are.

Nutritional Supplements

Best supplements for the brain: Take these 3 nutrients to PREVENT memory loss By LAUREN CLARK

BEST SUPPLEMENTS for the brain include not just omega-3, but magnesium and zinc too. Here’s why they could help memory and prevent dementia

Fitness Technology

The Apple Watch Wants to Become the Ultimate Fitness Tracker By 

The Apple Watch has a new trick: connecting to workout machines at the gym…. will this make personal training obsolete?