Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles January 21, 2018

Best Nutrition and Fitness Articles January 21, 2018

These are the top health articles I find around the web that I think are cutting edge, cool, and just plain awesome.

If anything and you don’t have much time, click on the facial exercise link… you can download some exercises that were shown to help one look younger! Everything else is just boring science stuff… don’t look at it unless you are super nerdy!




Gut Immune Cells, not Blood Pressure, Blamed for Salt’s Effect on Brain by Bio Medical Research Forum

Interesting study that stats that it is a Gut Immune response to salt and not Hypertension that causes issues with salt consumption and brain health.


Facial Exercises Can Make You Look Years Younger by Glenn McDonald

Lets forget the little stuff and click HERE for the exercises 🙂

Nutritional Supplements

Can a New Amino Acid Supplement Energy Bar Improve Protein Intake? by Medical News Bulletin

Researchers tested a new amino acid supplement energy bar enriched with L-leucine to investigate if this could improve protein and energy intake in older women.

Fitness Tech

Gyms get ‘smarter’ with tech upgrades By Colleen Schrappen

Hats that count steps and calories burned. Earphones that double as heart-rate monitors. Sports bras that “talk” to your phone.

Just as technology is disrupting retail and other industries, it’s beginning to transform the way Americans work out.